Favorite Connector Pictures

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Many thanks to Stacy Heldreth, Dimitry Grabbe and Mark Mitchell


Traditional receptacle strip

Shortned Folded Receptacle

Flat Leaf Receptacle

Classic Folded Beam

Cup on Beam


RJ45 Guts

Versatile Power Connector

Tuning Fork Receptacle

Overmolding Leadframe

Overmolded Wafer Assy


Molding to accept wafers on 2mm pitch

Modular differential wafer design

Modular Differential Connector


Old Magazine Cover "Connection Technology"


 Evolution of a connector in two pages:  
A    B

12 Slot VME 6U

IEEE Code of Ethics

James Clerk Maxwell
DIN 41612 Suppliers
2mmHM Conn.& CableSuppliers
Differential Connector Suppliers
Dimitry Grabbe


ElectroMagnet Spectrum