Thanks to my good friend Bob Wieland,  this hard to find info is
>    If anyone can list some specifications for the
>milliamp capacity of standard alkaline bateries(C, D, 9v)

I have that information from the Duracell Specification Summary PSS-1/90:

MN1300 D cell  14,250
MN1400 C cell  7,100
MN1500 AA cell 2,450
Energizer Lithium e2 AA   2900 (10 year shelf life)
Energizer L91* - Ultimate Lithium (Li/FeS2) AA 4,000 at a constant rate of discharge of 500 mA at 70 degrees F to 1.0 volts
Energizer EA91 - Advanced Lithium AA ?? (believed to be less than the L91)
Energizer EA92 - Advanced Lithium AA ??
MN2400 AAA cell 1,120
MN9100 N cell  800
MN908 LANTERN  13,000
MN918 LANTERN  27,000
MN1604 9-VOLT  565

All ratings in milliampere-hours at 70 degrees F.
 * ANSI 15-LF, IEC-FR6