These lists are not perfect. For historical reasons, as the list gets older,  I will preserve the names
but indicate with brackets defunct products or suppliers or divisions that have been acquired
or disappeared.  The information here is correct to the best of my knowledge per the date
below.  Undoubtably, there are some errors. sigh.

Differential Connector Suppliers

Product Name    Supplier(s)
Z-PackHM-Zd / ERmetZD   ERNI-Tyco
Stealth1000      Norhrop Grumman[WinchesterUK]  This product may also have been called ConnectorX
ERmetXT         ERNI
GBx                 Teradyne-Molex
HSD                 Teradyne-Molex
HSHM             3M-[RobinsonNugent]-Harting-[Cannon]
HS3                  Tyco
FX88                Foxconn
Metral 3000      FCI-Berg
Metral 4000      FCI-Berg-Cannon
MultiGigRT        Tyco-(FCI?)  This product was known during its development as Rolling Thunder.
MPI                  Tyco-[T&B]
Panda Project    Lucky Goldstar-Winchester-[PandaProject]-[IBM Florida?]
VHDM             Teradyne-Molex
SpeedPAC        Tyco-[Siemens]

The product names listed above are trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

When several manufacturers have been acquired into one unit, I have
listed them together on one line. The list is in no particular order.
michael munroe 3/9/2002

michael munroe 3/9/2002