The Munroe  SI URL List  updated 6/13/2005

Organizations or Websites with Telecom or High Speed Signaling Projects or Information:
IEEE 10G Ethernet backplane
IEEE High Speed Copper
IEEE Transactions
UNH 10G Lab
SI-List Archive
Cadence Archive
TDA Systems Inc
Microwave TheoryTechniques
Intel Modular Architectures
Telephone Technology
ISO Networking
Drive and Interface Info    Leroy S. Davis's info site
Telecom Wiring
Optical Internetworking Forum
OIF's CEI project
Common Electrical Interface Whitepaper   Communication Design Article
UxPI Initiative
Standards Org Links
INCITS Technical Committe  and
10G XFP Trade Association
10GEA Organization

Why you should not believe everything you read is relevant:
" As clock speeds approach 50 MHz, signal integrity issues should be considered." 

Important Software Packages and Free Software Packages:
Commercial Packages
Free or Free Evaluation
Synopsys  HSPICE List of Many Free Sources
Ansoft Maxwell Ansoft 2D Maxwell
CST Microwave Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Vogt
*info about next three on list
SPICE 3f5 German*
I-Connect Schematic Capture*
Oculus Circuit Layout*

Express PCB CAD*

Leading Individuals in Signal Integrity
Istvan Novak
Eric Bogatin
Scott McMorrow
Luc Martens   CPMT Committee
Howard Johnson
Henri Merkelo
Ed Sayer
Doug Brooks
Thomas Gneiting
Lee Ritchie
Dennis Feucht
Robert Cutler
Robert Jardon
Bob Sullivan
Jiang X. Zheng
Jullian Ferry"> Jullian Ferry